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About Us

The Sequal name represents Service and Quality in Building Services Engineering.

Since commencement in December 2014, Sequal has enjoyed a key role in the development of numerous projects which have contributed to the cultural, social and economic infrastructure in the Cairns region.

Key to Sequals’ success is the experienced team who have worked together for up to 20 years coupled with our understanding of the local market and our ability to identify and deliver on key project drivers.

Sequal brings to the table extensive experience which translates into design efficiency and value for money for our projects.  We aim to identify key project drivers from the outset and develop documentation that inherently delivers in areas of efficiency, flexibility, and project longevity by developing robust infrastructure underpinning flexible and adaptable spaces.

Our team are people-orientated and understand the importance of developing respectful enduring relationships with our clients and collaboration with our peers is key to delivering successful outcomes.

Meet Our Team

Sonia Holzheimer

Mechanical Engineer

Rob Bufi

Electrical Consultant

Joe Catalano

Electrical Engineer

Darryl Duda

Mechanical Engineer

Michael Sheehan

Electrical Consultant

Aaron Best

Mechanical Consultant

Adric Bellosta

Electrical Engineer